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How Much Does Training With HPT Bank Cost?

If you're thinking about training with us at Hybrid Personal Training and taking part in our Small Group Personal Training then one of the questions you may have is: "How much does training with HPT Bank cost?"

Firstly, we have a number of options available in terms of frequency of training, time of training and length of membership / programme and so there is not a single fixed price.

Secondly, everyone who comes in to the studio starts off with our 6 Week Challenge - a comprehensive programme covering all elements of fitness, nutrition and accountability. If you've seen our reviews (at the time of writing this we have over 165+ 5 star reviews for our Bank location with a 5 star rating) and seen the transformations we've delivered for people just like you, then you might be led to think that this programme would cost thousands of pounds BUT - you'll be pleased to know that it's nowhere near that pricing level.

With the 6 Week Challenge our pricing varies based on a number of factors and your individual circumstances and so we can't give an exact price here - it's why we discuss pricing at your consultation. You can book a consultation with us HERE.

HPT Bank vs 1-on1 Personal Training

1-on-1 Personal Training in London is typically priced between £60-70 per session at the lower end of the market and up to £150-200 per session at the higher end of the market.

This means that if you're training 2x per week you can realistically expect to pay £150-200 per week or £600-£850 per month. If training 3x per week with a 1-on-1 personal trainer then it will set you back £900-1200 per month - which is very costly. Training with the more expensive studios can reach up to £1500-2000 per month.

At Hybrid Personal Training - we are literally a fraction of that pricing and still deliver incredible results with more flexibility in terms of scheduling for you and more community focus as well.

HPT Bank vs Budget Gym

Budget gyms in London are typically priced around £20-40 per month. The likes of PureGym and The Gym will be around £30-40 per month depending on location.

Whilst cheap and affordable, the average use of these gyms by members is very low. You may even have a membership at one of these gyms right now and can't remember the last time you visited. This is very common. Because the pricing is so low, the value you perceive is also low and so very few people actually get results when training in a budget gym. No guidance, no accountability, no nutrition planning - usually means... no results!

Not to mention that the business model of these gyms is to sign up thousands of members and hope they never turn up. So whilst we charge more than budget gyms, it's because we commit a huge amount more in resources to ensuring you actually get results!! That's what you're signing up for, after all.

HPT vs Large Group Fitness Classes

Large group fitness classes are defined as classes which train more than 8-10 people at once. Most fitness classes usually have upwards of 20-40 people attending. The price they charge is a little bit lower than us but the level of personalised attention is very low.

It makes sense - how can you train someone well when there are 40 people in the class? Large group fitness studios also don't offer nutrition and accountability which leaves two huge pieces of the puzzle to solve by yourself.

At HPT Bank, we have a maximum of 6 people in our sessions and so you get lots of personalised attention and instruction to ensure you're doing things safely, correctly and progressing at the right pace whilst being pushed to achieve your goals. We also offer personalised and detailed nutrition guidance alongside constant accountability to ensure you get results.

HPT vs Doing It By Yourself

The cheapest of all options in terms of cost - you could do bodyweight training in your home or at the park for no money at all. However, there is always a cost and when it comes to training by yourself - the cost is time, not money. You can spend a long time trying to figure out the best workouts to do, the best nutrition plan for you, how to do things correctly, how to be consistent etc - which can take a very long time... and in that time you don't make progress or progress is very slow. Or, you can hire a professional which costs money but saves a hell of a lot of time and frustration.

It's just a case of which cost are you willing to occur - a small amount of £££'s or a high amount of time?

We often end up pointing out to people that if you could get fit for free and at home and doing it by yourself - then why haven't you done it already? Working out at home or outside or using information from the internet has always been free and available - so what's stopped you up till now? And why are 2/3s of the country overweight or obese?

For the overwhelming majority of people, accountability is the missing piece. Having someone to hold you to a standard, be consistent, and drive you towards your goals. And then, when you add personalised programming and nutrition on top of that like we do at HPT - that's when you get incredible and sustainable results in a short amount of time.

HPT Bank Cost and HPT's Comprehensive Approach

The goal of HPT is to deliver exceptional results at a fraction of the price of 1-on-1 Personal Training whilst making the services more flexible and accessible than ever before.

We charge a little bit more than large group fitness classes but a fraction of the price of 1-on-1 Personal Training - and in terms of the value we offer and the results we get vs the price - well, there's a reason we've been so popular and our rating is so high.

If you're currently struggling to achieve your goals and are looking for a programme that can help you get results and get back on track then book a consultation at HPT now.


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